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22 Galaxies is an online bookstore presenting works by Anjika. The name is a tribute to her father who loved writing, had an exceptional intellect and was born on 11-22-22.       


The works featured on 22 Galaxies focus on overcoming disease, pain-free childbirth, as well as disclosure--the effort to illuminate the historically unrevealed influences and forces that have and continue to shape the world in which we live.


These books are currently available on Amazon and Kindle.




Warriors, Wizards and The Wicked:

The Last Phase of Spiritual Warfare on Planet Earth

by Anjika

Anjika taps into the wisdom of other dimensions to help us understand the craziness and horrors of life today.

Warriors, Wizards and the Wicked, is an incisive look at those working for the higher good and those working to expand their own self-serving interests.


Swimming Toward The Sun:  Disease Disappears by Anjika

First hand chronicles of Anjika's successful battle with MS using non traditional means.


The Land of Ahz: No Pain During Labor and Delivery by Anjika

Anjika shares her journey into consciousness resulting in a pain-free childbirth experience and a healthy, happy daughter.



A natural empath, sensitive and clairvoyant she refined her abilities at the Southern California Psychic Institute. 

Anjika trained in a line of a famous Zimbabwean healer, Mandaza Kandemwa, with Michael Ortiz Hill. These gifted healers with their enhanced abilities and super mental powers travel in consciousness and are in prayer on behalf of others.

Through her beliefs and intent-- Anjika overcame serious symptoms of secondary progressive M.S., a malignant melanoma disappeared, and she experienced no pain during labor and childbirth. She was fortunate to experience plant medicine from the Amazon in her quest for healing her physical body working with Dr. Richard Grossman.

She, also, worked with Dr. Eric Love where she learned how to heal the emotional body and deep trauma. She became a certified homeopath using the Bach Flower remedies to assist in being free of negative emotions and restoring the balance of the mind and body.

Anjika is a graduate of Southern Methodist University with a B.A. in art history, was a work scholar at Esalen Institute and is working as an artist.

For her energy sessions and art, go to www.anjikaenergy.com                                                                 


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